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Affordable Jewelry USA is a member of the Web1Media network of online resources for consumers, organizations and entrepreneurs. The Web1Media team has been active in digital marketing and the web community since 2001, and we still embrace the original vision of the web as a resource for all.

At Affordable Jewelry USA, we hope to serve and assist both the producers of jewelry, gemstones and precious metals, and the people who want to invest in high-quality jewelry at the right price.

For consumers, we provide our in-depth guides, special offers we’ve gathered from various jewelry providers and this handy directory of jewelers in your area and throughout the U.S. For jewelry designers, jewelry stores and providers of precious metals and gemstones, we offer a comprehensive directory to promote your business.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please use our contact page to help us improve our site. And please spread the word about resource by sharing it to your network.

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