What men should know about buying jewelry for a woman

What a woman wears says a lot about what she wants to convey to the world. Much like everything else, a modern woman meticulously plans her what she wears, how she wears it and when. Especially for special occasions, the planning alone can often take days. She clothes herself in fabrics that make her feel confident and beautiful. Those heels aren’t just about keeping up with fashion trends, rather they make her literally and figuratively feel like she is on top of the world.

But it’s not just clothing that makes a woman feel magnificent. It’s her jewelry as well. Jewelry has always been a staple for luxurious costumes in classic movies, showing off just how elegant a woman can be. Designers like Bulgari, Piaget, and Dior are the pinnacle of high-end jewelry. But, what if you’re not on a Breakfast at Tiffany’s level in your relationship yet? You don’t have to be getting engaged to get the most important woman in your life something shiny and special. But what type of jewelry should you be getting that special woman? Here are some ideas.


Bracelets are the “safe” option when purchasing for a girlfriend or just friend in your life. And if you’ve only started going out recently, you can’t go wrong with a shiny chain or bedazzled bangle. A bracelet is commonly understood as saying that she’s not your significant other just yet, but a bracelet gift early in a relationship often signals that the relationship has potential.

In addition to being a safe first jewelry gift in a budding relationship, bracelets also offer options for taking it up a notch. Consider personalizing bracelets with custom engraving or charms that have been specially designed (or have special meaning) for her. Pandora bracelets are very popular today, as they’re designed to add a variety of charms. The good news is that bracelets can fit virtually any budget and still look extremely classy.


If your relationship is beyond the bracelet stage, the next level in the “jewelry with meaning” gift is the necklace. Hanging around your wife’s or girlfriend’s neck, your gift will be advertised to the world. Specifically, it will be advertising how much you care about this woman.

Necklaces can be dainty or a statement piece. But, don’t forget the bling. Finding a small custom jeweler in town can be a challenge, but what is life without a little challenge. Definitely make a little more effort than grabbing something from the mall kiosk when choosing the perfect necklace. A custom necklace, even one that is inexpensive, will show to her just how into her you are and how much effort you are willing to put into the relationship. The personalized touch will stick with her forever. To find out what type of necklace she might like, pay attention to what she currently owns and wears.


Rings are for the woman in your life that you are serious about. Giving her a ring does not necessarily mean you are proposing. You can get her a ring for virtually any occasion! But rings hold a deeper meaning and value, so choose wisely and carefully. An important rule to remember is that if she’s expecting a proposal, then the only ring you should be considering is an engagement ring. If you’re not ready to propose but still want to show how much she means to you, then consider a necklace or earring.

But if you are already engaged or are looking for a gift for your wife, then another ring would be a great statement of your enduring love. If you’re desperate for ring ideas, start by paying attention to the rings she currently owns. You can also ask her about what type of rings she prefers, and watch what she looks at at the store. There are many different kinds of rings to choose from, such as dainty, cocktail and even promise rings. And if you still can’t figure out what to get her, consider finding a ring with her birthstone — especially on her birthday.